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The uniquely designed PI lamp is made up of numbers that are familiar to math enthusiasts. Its geometry with hollow numbers provides fragmented lighting and interesting texture on the walls and ceiling. The PI lampshade is made up of 3 pieces made in 3D printing: The ‘Dome’ which has the PI number with 995 decimal places hollowed out over a spiral, which goes from the base to the top of the dome; The ´Base´ which houses the electrical part and the ´Top base cover´ to install the lamp socket. We recommend Amber LED lamp from 2W to 3W. Dimensions for 3D printing after assembly are: Height of approximately 19.5 cm, base diameter of 12.9 cm and dome diameter of 9.8 cm. The electrical or electronic installation is up to whoever assembles it. You will receive 3 files for 3D printing.

All parts can be printed without FDM technology support. Print one at a time.

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