Start your business of creating digital 3D parts 'customized or not' for cars and motorcycles. Your digital 3D pieces can become popular and you gain from it. Be part of this community.

How it works

It’s Simple, Easy and Safe

Do you know how to model in 3D?

There are thousands of digital 3D parts that need to be created. So you are a candidate to create digital 3D pieces, on your own or for other people. Create your own 3D parts, originals or custom accessories. Make money out of it

Still don’t know how to model in 3D? Then start your learning with some free courses.

The store

Now you can sell your digital 3D parts very easily. Export your favorite software from your 3D piece in STL and upload to your area on the website. Define the name, description with purpose, price, define the categories of your digital 3D part and place images of your parts. Profit from the sale of your pieces.

How do you get

Sign up for and make a free Paypal account. You will receive in this account for sales of your model, apportionment of subscriptions and request of original and customized 3D parts. Show your talent.

Create your profile and promote yourself 🙂

Create your profile with your specialty and show the pieces you have made. Earn a great reputation with your work and be recognized for it.