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Fire Lamp was created thinking about the effect produced on the environment and visual comfort. Its design was thought to minimize the leakage of direct light from the sides of the dome, thus enabling a beautiful and differentiated look in its environment. When placed close to walls, it produces lighting that resembles a fire. The Fire Lamp is composed of 3 pieces printed in 3D: The Base suggests printing in black, the Base of the Top cover suggests printing in black and the Dome, called ‘FIRE’, suggests printing in yellow. The lid has a hole to fit a holder for LED lamps up to 3W. Height approx 19 cm, base diameter 13 cm and Dome height approx 19 cm and diameter 14.1 cm. You will receive the digital file of the 3 pieces for you to print and assemble. We do not detail the electrical part that is up to the person who will assemble it.

The Base suggests black printing, the Top cover base suggests black printing and the Dome, called ‘FIRE’, suggests yellow printing.
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