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The Lamp Drop is a fun piece at the same time for its strong blue color when turned off, very apparent, and when turned on in a bright environment, it resembles a giant drop of water, at least this is the objective. Because of its Blue when turned on, some people remember the stone of spiritual power, the Azurite stone. The lighting is a soft and calm blue, making a good composition in environments that need this comfort. The Drop Lamp is composed of 3 3D printed pieces: The Base (black), the Top Cover (black) and the Blue Dome in Drop shape, called ‘Drop’. We suggest using Amber or Blue LED lamp from 2W to 3W. Height of approximately 20 cm, base diameter of 12.9 cm and dome diameter of 13 cm. The electrical or electronic part is at the discretion of whoever assembles it. You will receive 3 files for 3D printing, base, base cap and dome.

We suggest printing the base in black or white as you like, and the dome in translucent blue.

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