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Personalized cat feeder with your pet’s name.
You can purchase the 3D model with your kitten’s name for you to 3D print it on your printer or at a 3D printing bureau.
The 3D model has a maximum dimensions of 160mm, that is, there must be a square print area of ​​at least 160mm on a side, with a height close to 50mm.

This feeder is suitable for solid or semi-moist food.
To use liquids you must test the print because as it has thin walls it is possible that it will leak. So maybe it is recommended to increase the filament flow up to 105%, (This depends on the type of printer, filament, speed and print nozzle, that is, it is the responsibility of who will do the printing.

Recommendable to print on PLA SAFE FOOD or PETG SAFE FOOD. The 3D model is designed to print without support. It is possible to print with 0.4mm or 0.6mm bit as the minimum wall is 1.2mm thick. The weight after printing is close to 100 grams. That is, with 1 kg of filament it is possible to print 10 pieces.
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